Ch. Caroline di Alaric

Caroline is my first Cane Corso. I purchased her from Mike Sottile in June of 1996. We visited few kennels on the East Coast such as Maverick, DiGuardia, Bel Monte to name a few while we were looking for our puppy. We drove to Michigan all night long and arrived in the morning at Alaric kennel. The whole litter of puppies meet us there and after short greeting, all puppies but one had run away. The one that stayed longer was a female and I noticed a white mark on her tummy. Same puppy came back soon after and readily turned her tummy up again for a tummy rub. She was bigger and better looking than the other female. This one became ours. She slept on the back seat all the way to NY. That's how it is all began. 

Caroline's parents are Viva di Alaric and Zak Attack di Alaric. I only saw Viva on the pictures in the magazines as she died soon after she had her puppies. Zak Attack di Alaric we met when we visited Alaric kennel.

Under some circumstances she later came to live with my mother in Russia. She was only the 4th Cane Corso imported to Russia. Caroline was shown under many well known FCI judges such as Nicola Imbimbo, Elizabeth Bakstern, Giulio Bezzecca, Revaz Homasuridze, Maria Perricone, Paolo Dondino, Guido Vandoni. She won hearts of many breed entusiasts and judges. Her titles include Champion of Russia, Ch. RKF, 3 x CACIB, 7 x CAC, R-CAC, 6 x Best of Breed, 7 x Best Winners. She also passed CGC test.

Written critiques from largest dog shows in Russia --

"Good type, correct bite, slight undershot, good proportioned head, correct proportioned angulations, excellent movement" - Russia-97, judge M. Perricone.

"Excellent temperament, slight undershot, beautiful bitch, good head" - Eurasia -98, judge G. Vandoni.

"Typical head, correct bite, temperament good, good movement" - Eurasia-2000, judge P. Dondino. 

She produced 2 litters of puppies. They turned out to be exceptional dogs some of which we kept and some became the foundation dogs of other kennels. They can be seen in our "Photogallery" and "Dogs" pages. Virjik and Virtus are 2 males from first litter. Her second litter are -- Ch. Borealis Rus Rosalinda, Borealis Rus Blue-Forget-Me-Not (Georgia), Borealis Rus Verbina, Borealis Rus Carolina, Ch. Borealis Rus Mayday, Borealis Rus Amalia.

I'm very grateful to Mike Sottile who bred and sold us such an exceptional dog. Her conformation is nearly flawless and her temperament is awesome. We could not wish for a better dog. She is a great companion and very important member of our family. Her show days are over now and she enjoys quiet time in the company of 2 other Corsos. She loved to be in a show ring. She always got very excited when her handler would come to pick her up and take her to the show ring. After the ring she was looking at her handler as if asking -- "Did we win? I worked very hard today". Her most known grandchildren are Ch. Borealis Rus Violetta, Ch. Borealis Rus Villis, multi Ch. Rus Best Line Ikaro, Borealis Rus Emerys, Ch.Cane Per La Vita Albonita, Ch.Cane Per La Vita Amadeus.

Caroline is 12+ years old now.

Ch. Caroline Ch. Caroline Ch. Caroline  Ch. Caroline Ch. Caroline di Alaric Ch. Caroline Ch. Caroline Ch. Caroline

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